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InformOntario, Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario
2013 - ongoing, Curriculum Development Coordinator
Building Local Information Support to Ontario Newcomers 


Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Applied Human Sciences
(winter 2005 TA, winter 2008 LEC)
Respecting Diversity in Human Relations

Popular Education

Women Peer-to-Peer Ambassadors Training
2013 Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo
& Focus for Ethnic Women, Waterloo ON 
Development and co-facilitation of the knowledge building workshops with and for immigrant women. 

Kitchentable Conversations Facilitation
2012 Child and Family Network, London ON
Co-creation of the culturally appropriate group discussion facilitation guide with peer-to-peer community leaders. 

Facilitation Guide for Education Circles
2008 Parents in Action for Education
Coauthor and facilitator of workshops for parents in a collective process of creation of the Declaration on Equality in Education

More experiences, less jobs
2008 MayWorks
Cofacilitation of the Image Theater Workshop for immigrant professionals

Parent participation organisations: Climbing over the fence
2007 Concordia Institute in Management and Community Development Summer Program
Facilitation of the lunch activities

Opening Paths to Overcoming Racism
What Racism Looks Like Today
Joindre nos voix pour ouvrir la voie
2006 Concordia Institute in Management and Community Development Summer Program
Collaboration and facilitation of workshops “Building Relationships” – mini-workshop for volunteers in community outreach; adaptation and facilitatoin, TARC, 2005

Policy of Respect in the Work Place
2005 YWCA, Montreal
Coauthor of collaborative workshops for creation of the anti-oppression policy

Estime de soi, estime des autres
2005 Femmes du Monde à CDN, Montreal
Coauthor of series of workshops for women

Women Decide
2004 YWCA, Montreal
Coauthor of a series of workshops for Anglophone and Allophone women leaders from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds

Sharing Best Practice with the Women's Voters Campaign School
Belgrade, Serbia 2001 and Vancouver, BC, 2002.
Coordinator of the program for building on future cooperation with the Women's Voters Congress, Vancouver;
Networking and dissemination of training experiences and political activism.


Other Training and Education Projects

Gender Education for the Local Municipal Officials, Coauthor and trainer;
Voice of Difference and the OSCE Mission in FRY, 2002

Youth Camps 2002 – Training for Workshop Realization, Instructor, Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

Winter School - Women in Politics, Trainer, Center for Political Education and
Management, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2001

Associate on the GEA Program, Gender and Empowerment Impact Assessment, Norwegian People’s Aid; Reporting on the ToT and translation of the GEA Manual into Serbian, 2001

Women Can Do It 2001, basic course, Coauthor and educator in the program, Norwegian People's Aid, Belgrade; Associate on adapting and editing WCDI Manual for print.

Role and Functioning of NGOs – Seminar for representatives of local media, Author and Lecturer in the program regarding Role and Functioning of Women’s NGOs in Yugoslavia; Center for Development of Non-Profit Sector with the support of Freedom House.

Women Can Do It 2000, Educator in the program, Gender Task Force of the Stability Pact for SEE

Discrimination and Domination, Co-author and trainer in gender training for mixed groups, with nongovernmental and student organization in 6 cities in Serbia; Incest Trauma Center, Belgrade, Student Unions' Support Center, Belgrade and Peace Movement from Pancevo, FRY

Women in Public Life
Coauthor and educator in the training in 10 cities; program reporting and evaluation, 1999

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